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Light of Love

Love Light
Love is the smell of summer on a hot afternoon
Love is that tiny spark along the horizon
Love is a four letter word
Love is when you want time to stop
for one more moment
one more day
one more forever.
~ by auroille

For You..

For you...
Danbo giving Mr Frogeh a flower. ~ by Lady-Tori

~ Tea Love ~

Tea Love
Tea Love ~ About sugar heart. My mum bought sugar cube of symbols of playcards and i used one of them.
~ by lena483


Love Bug
This is Love bug. ~ by LimpidD


Love Disc
Am I losing my cool, overstating my case? Well, baby, what can I say? You know I never claimed that I was a stone. And you love a stone. You love white veins, you love hard grey, the heaviest weight, the clumsiest shape, the earthiest smell, the hollowest tone - you love a stone...
~ by abbina

LOVE with Hand

Love with Hand
L~O~V~E ~ by roadkillromance

Real Love?

Real Love?
What is real love?
~ by vanilla-tapes

Love of Film

Love of Film
Love cup... ~ by fangedfem

# I LOVE U #

I love you
I love you! ~ by Censurez

Where is Love?

Where is Love?
Where is Love? Love is all around
~ by julkusiowa

| Love Cup |

Love Cup
Love cup... ~ by janpirnatphoto