Responsive Image Lightbox jQuery Plugin

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Special thanks to ISO Republic for providing all these beautiful pictures.

Plugin Options

classie Extra CSS classes added to created element. classie: ''

offset Minimum spacing between user screen and lightbox image. offset: 40

scrollclose Automatic close the lightbox once user scroll the page. scrollclose: true

imgclass Tell the plugin where to look for the original image. Default to img element. imgclass: 'img'

duration The speed of zoom animation, value in millisecond. Default will use the CSS properties. Not recommended to set this unless you really have no idea on how to set it in CSS. duration: 0

modalTmpl Overwrite the default lightbox HTML. Refer to plugin TEMPLATE variable for guidance. modalTmpl: null

loaderTmpl Overwirte the default ligthbox loader HTML. Refer to plugin LOADER variable for guidance. loaderTmpl: null

Plugin Events

onModalInit Trigger when user click on the image element.

onModalClosed Trigger when user close the lightbox.

onImageLoaded Trigger when larger version of image successful loaded.

onImageError Trigger when larger version of image failed to loaded.