10 Advanced HTML5 Games

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This post listed 10 Advanced HTML5 Games using very advanced HTML5 technologies such as Local Storage, canvas, WebGL, multi-player, and etc.

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Recently I’ve just noticed that there are already so many games developed by using HTML5 technologies, even though HTML5 still haven’t fully supported by all of the browsers. Anyway, some of these HTML5 games have really nice graphics and sound effects, as well as using very advanced HTML5 technologies such as Local Storage, canvas, WebGL, multi-player, and etc.

In fact, you could find a lot of HTML5 games on the internet nowadays. But in this post, I have listed 10 Advanced HTML5 Games which are created using very advanced and complexity HTML5 technologies. It’s hard to believe that these games are developed by using HTML5, but they are. Hope you’ll get to know what HTML5 can be done after playing these. Have FUN!


Angry Birds

Developed by Rovio Mobile

Angry Birds HTML5 game
Angry Birds HTML5

I am pretty sure you’re familiar with this game. Angry Birds is available in HTML5 now with up to 70 levels. You are advised to play HTML5 Angry Birds using Chrome so that it will have the best performance. Also, if you’re interested in a little hack to unlock all of the levels, check out this blog post. =)


Warimals: Cats VS Dogs

Developed by Rocket Pack

Warimals: Cats vs Dogs HTML5 game
Warimals: Cats vs Dogs

Warimals is the first HTML5 Facebook game by Rocket Pack. It tells the epic story about the everlasting war waged between Cats and Dogs. You can choose either to be Cats or Dogs roles when you start playing the game. The game play style is kinda same as the tower defense genre but with more advanced social interaction and CUTE graphics. I am sure you will love this game if you like to play those “cute” games.



Developed by Subatomic Studios

Fieldrunners HTML5 game
Fieldrunners HTML5

Fieldrunners, you must have seen it before if you’re an IOS or Android user. From now, you are free to play Fieldrunners in HTML5 WebGL supported browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE9). For those haven’t heard it before, it’s basically a tower defense game with very nice effects and graphics. I am kinda love this game since you have to plan your strategy before build your towers, so that you don’t have to sell your tower afterward.

This game requires WebGL in order to play. However, most of the browsers have it disabled on the first installation (if your pc doesn’t have a good graphics card). To enable WebGL manually, follow the step below:

Enable WebGLfor your browser.For Chrome

  1. Type about:flags on address bar.
  2. Under Override software rendering list, click enable.
  3. Then click on Relaunch Now at the bottom.
  4. Your game should be playable now.

For Firefox

  1. Type about:config on address bar.
  2. Search for webgl on Filter box at top.
  3. Double click on webgl.force-enabled to change its value to true.
  4. Restart your Firefox.
  5. Enjoy your game.

For Safari (Macs running Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) only)

  1. Select Preferences on Safari menu.
  2. Click then Advanced tab In the Preference window.
  3. Check the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox at the bottom of the window.
  4. Then, open the Develop menu in the menu bar and select Enable WebGL.
  5. Have fun with your game now.

You could try out some live WebGL demo once you’ve done.


HTML5 port of Quake II

Developed by GWT

Quake II HTML5 game
Quake II HTML5

Nowadays, you can play Quake II in your browser with HTML5, no Flash or other plugins required, but with a HTML5 supported browsers like Chrome. However, it’s requires a lot of settings (sound like installation) before you could play the game. I haven’t tried this myself, but you could give it a try with follow the steps in this article Run Quake II in your Browser.



Developed by Andreas Rosdal

FreeCiv HTML5 game
FreeCiv HTML5

FreeCiv is an empire-building HTML5 strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. Your goal is to create a strong and sustainable civilization by collecting resources and build your army to protect your civilization from other. The most excited part of FreeCiv is you could play as multi-player mode, which means you could play it online against other players around the world. Unfortunately, FreeCiv site seems to be down for a while, hope it will get back to normal soon.


Creatures and Castles

Developed by hiive (Author)

Creatures and Castles HTML5 game
Creatures and Castles HTML5

Creatures and Castles is pretty similar to Angry Birds in terms of stages, which has many levels available and you have to clear the current level to unlock next level. But Creatures and Castles has different gameplay, your aim is to lead the hero safely to the treasure and then to the exit without letting anyone else seeing you. The game is become challenging for the deeper level, in the same time you have to minimize your footsteps in order to get higher score.



Developed by Resortico

Resortico HTML5 Facebook game
Resortico HTML5 Facebook

Resortico is a HTML5 social game on Facebook. You aim is to build and manage your dream beach resort with build different buildings, and glow different plants to attract more tourists to your beach resort. Beside, you could visit your friends resort too! You’ll definitely have loads of fun playing around this supercool HTML5 Facebook social game.


Grave Maker

Developed by YoYo Games

Grave Maker HTML5 game
Grave Maker HTML5

Grave Maker is a zombie genre game. You will take the role of grave digger, who has a talent for bringing the deceased back to life. Your objective is to prevent the graveyard from destroying by local townsfolk. So, use the undead you revived and fight for you, and build your own Graveyard. This game is pretty funny and creativity, the only concern of mine is the time running on the game is very slow. Since each building has different growing time, some are really cost you a lot of time to complete.


Canvas Rider

Developed by Pete and Maxime

Canvas Rider HTML5 game
Canvas Rider HTML5

Canvas Rider may seem to be a very simple racing game and the design also not so pretty compare to others, yet it’s far more than what it looks like. You can play different tracks designed by other players around the world or you might design your own crazy tracks and let others to play. This game was pretty challenging for me, so how about you?


Pirates Love Daisies

Developed by Grant Skinner and Pulp Studios

Pirates Love Daisies HTML5 game
Pirates Love Daisies HTML5

Pirates Love Daisies is a superb HTML5 tower defense game. You aim is to protect your daises flower from being stolen by other creatures (perhaps). You can deploy different pirates to help you, and promote them to make them more powerful. This game seems to run flawlessly in most browsers, so don’t worry about the compatible problem.




There are still many advanced HTML5 games somewhere else on the Internet. If you found one, do let me know so that I can add to the list. Anyway, below are some HTML5 games website links that you might interested. Hope you find this useful.

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