Cars Across the Desert Math Puzzle Game

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Cars across the desert is a free math puzzle game which built in jQuery. Let's test your IQ and Mathematics skill. Have fun!

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After a long vacation (perhaps very long), I think is time to get back to my blog and rock it!

Well, today I want to share you a simple Math puzzle game called Car Across the Desert. The original version of this Math puzzle was just a bunch of text, I have converted it into game-base format with animation and nice graphics. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Cars Across the Desert Puzzle

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Anyhow, you might skip this section to game objective below if you have not interesting in how I’m creating the game. This game was created using jQuery library, with help of underscore.js library for object template binding, and some Object-oriented programming (OOP) concept in creating those cars in the game.

This game use parallax backgrounds effects, multiple backgrounds are moving in different speeds. Also, the cars animation was created using image sprites with slightly different in FPS, the rest part was just events handler for actions. Of course, you might go through the JavaScript files if you find it interesting!

Car Sprite

Game Objective

There have 4 persons wanted to across the desert, and the only way to across the desert is by using car. Well, they manage to find a car rental in town, however each car can only has space enough for petrol to get it half way across the desert, moreover there have no petrol station in the desert. If the car is out of petrol, this car can’t drive any more.

Luckily for them, each car can transfer their petrol into one another. Your objective is:

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Help them to figure out how many cars they need at least and how they can reach the their destination.


Game Controls

  • Click the distance buttons on top of game screen to select how far they want to drive.
  • Mouse over the cars to enable petrol transfer options, and select the your option.


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